Spoiler alert:
The work shown consistently outperformed client expectations

With 10 years of award winning work behind us,
essentia is a shiny new agency.

A partnership years in the making.

It was time to get the band back together...

Shiny was officially founded in early 2015 when four people came together to partner in creating a new agency. But the concept of this agency was years in the making. We had all worked together previously in Philadelphia at a digital marketing agency called Razorfish and each of us believed that our backgrounds and skill sets would complement the others’ and help create a well-rounded partnership. Most importantly, our reunion was about creating an agency that brought big agency thinking to its clients within a boutique agency environment. Each of the partners valued working for an agency that was equally invested in its clients and employees.

Today Shiny helps clients like Barclaycard, CSC, College Ave, Farmers Insurance, SIG Combibloc and El Diablo Burritos solve their biggest marketing challenges.

See how we’re creating customer engagement in the age of distraction.