resolution independent. platform agnostic.

A major shift in digital consumption habits is taking place. Now more than ever, users are interacting with content across a gradient of different devices. From 320px-wide phones to 2560px-wide desktop displays, and everything in between, the “one size fits all” aproach to the web is dead.

resolution independent. platform agnostic.

With this change in the way users consume the Web, our process as creators of the Web had to change as well. Fewer flat comps, more iterative design in the browser. Fewer fixed canvases, more room for elasticity. You ultimately realize that the harder you squeeze and hold on to old workflows, the quicker things slip through your fingers. And yet, an ugly solution that “works” on all devices is no better than a beautiful one that doesn’t.

The Web site you’re experiencing now is the result of this evolution. We couldn’t be happier to unveil the new essentia creative 2.0.

There’s really no better way to fully understand what it means to “be responsive” in this day and age than to take your own site apart and rebuild it to be more resolution independent and platform agnostic. While we certainly still made flat comps for most of this site, quite a bit of design took place in the browser, epsecially for non-desktop experiences. This allowed us to iterate quickly and ultimately create a more useful and, dare we say, more beautiful end product. We hope you agree.

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