Upromise by Sallie Mae - Giving a brand its wings

Upromise by Sallie Mae

Giving a Brand Wings


How do you improve sales for a financial services giant?


Created a message that was reflective of how people really shopped.

When Upromise went to focus groups to better understand how to position its core value prop, it learned that existing members found its messaging confusing. Upromise turned to Shiny for help. Our solution? Change shopper behavior. We accomplished this by simplifying communications flow to one simple compelling message: Piggyback it. The campaign reenergized existing members, achieving a 52% lift over control.

Services provided

  • Brand Design and Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Experiential
  • Product Positioning and Messaging
Deliverables: Custom illustration, landing page creative, Product Positioning Content
Upromise by Sallie Mae - Giving a brand its wings
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