Upromise by Sallie Mae - Making the numbers add up

Upromise by Sallie Mae

making the numbers add up


How do you break through the clutter of college loan advertising and increase qualified traffic to your website?


Increase site usage.


Re-engaged members through a repositioning campaign.

As Upromise closes in on giving $1 billion cash back for college, the company wanted to make its rewards program even more rewarding. Upromise asked us to create a digital campaign to build on its momentum. Our solution combined hard-hitting numbers and illustrations to inspire more families to join the march towards a college education.

Services provided

  • Brand Design and Identity
  • Content Creation
  • Experiential
  • Product Positioning and Messaging
Deliverables: Custom illustration, Display Campaign, landing page creative
Upromise by Sallie Mae - Making the numbers add up
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