Notes from the Facebook marketing conference

Facebook recently held its first conference for marketers. Here are a few highlights of its new products and the key points on getting your brand in shape to take advantage of the new opportunities:

New Products

Pages—Brand pages now take a more visual appeal with the launch of cover photo, timeline, the ability to message directly with consumers, and the ability reach your audience on mobile devices.

Reach generator—A media buy that will guarantee your message and content (video/posts) reach 75% of your audience.

Premium placements—Brands can now buy premium ads targeting existing fans or specific target audiences in the most impactful places on FB.

Measuring Success—Facebook is rolling out real-time stats for brands allowing for tighter control of performance and optimizations.

Key social media next steps:

Establish your social media strategy—Evaluate your place in the market, look at social sentiment through blogs and real consumer feedback and put a stake in the ground.

Determine who you are prior to tactical development—Brand voice and identity give a reason for people to want to engage with you, encourage engagement from both fans and you as a brand.

Align all content/videos/posts with marketing initiatives—Develop a social media editorial calendar.

Evaluate success of content—Monitor the performance of your content and make adjustments accordingly and frequently.

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