The creation evolution.

The_Creation_EvolutionMy dad spent over 30 years working as an engineer for a large aerospace company. But if you ever spent more than 30 minutes with him you would quickly realize that his real passion in life is fishing. But more specifically, he has a passion for sharing fish tales and writing these stories for publication in outdoor magazines. By his estimation, he has published over 70 articles on saltwater flyfishing over the last 40 years.

Despite being a very active 81 year old, my dad is a relative latecomer to the world of social media. He jumped into this media about three years ago and after just a couple of months of emailing me questions about the mechanics of Facebook, it was evident that he would take to the “new” media like…well, like a fish to water.

There is no way that my dad would ever label himself a “content creator.” But that is exactly what he has become. When he posts a picture of a new fly pattern and asks friends to comment on what has worked for them or shares an article that he wrote about flyfishing off the coast of Montauk he is creating shareable content perfect for the social web that we have all grown to know and love. And in many ways he is now seen as more of an authority on flyfishing than on engineering, despite having made his living in that arena.

There are people who would argue that there is too much content and too many content creators out there. I would argue the opposite point. With the never-ending refinement of search engines and evolution of online communities, you can find nearly every answer to any question and comprehensive results for nearly every search you undertake. And that is a good thing. There will always be a need for great content creators whether they are writers, developers, video producers or even podcasters. But more importantly there is a need for great niche content creators. You can bring in all of the great writers to your site that you want. But if they do not display subject matter expertise in your business, that is not very useful to your audience at all.

So, today we celebrate all of the people whose passions are helping to make richer more vibrant communities online. And we encourage all of the brands out there to embrace better and deeper content to make their business more vibrant as well.