Getting Customers Back on Track

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Getting Customers Back on Track.


How do we help a large credit issuer get better responses and increase compliance on its collections ?


As a longtime partner, Barclaycard turned to us to help them refresh dated and non-compliant collections communications. Using the Barclaycard brand attributes of being helpful, optimistic, straightforward, and inventive, we were able to craft messaging and design in a way that drove people to engage.

To drive response, we knew we needed to stand out – someone receiving collections communications from one company was likely receiving them from others. Driving both open rates and response rates were important. Through the use of aspirational imagery and content, we were able to increase logins to the collections portal by 120% and enrollment in repayment programs by 200% over the previous month.

Services provided

  • Coding and Development
  • Content Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Design
Deliverables: campaign messaging and strategy, email design and development
Getting Customers Back on Track
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