DuPont Solid Surfaces - A virtual success story

DuPont Solid Surfaces

a virtual success story


How do you showcase Corian and Zodiaq’s surface applications in the healthcare environment?


Show Corian and Zodiaq’s applications in the healthcare environment.


Developed a rich experience experience that showcased Corian and Zodiaq’s possibilities and performance in the healthcare industry through a virtual hospital tour.

How do you spark the imagination of architects and designers considering commercial surfaces for healthcare? Build a virtual hospital. DuPont wanted to show off the possibilities and performance of its commercial surfaces for the healthcare industry. Our innovative virtual hospital tour did the trick, enabling potential customers to see it all for themselves.

Experience the tour

Services provided

  • IA/UX
  • Interaction and Motion Design
  • Web Development
Deliverables: Interactive tour used in trade shows and the web
DuPont Solid Surfaces - A virtual success story
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